A Bush Success Story: Mass Murders

While much of the United States still seems to chant (or at least recall) the “We will always remember: 9/11” mantras, far more preventable murders are going on today.  In fact, Americans are footing the bill for a half-trillion dollars in hard costs for an unjustifiable venture to attack Iraq.  It’s good to hear people speak up on this issue, as I think it’s hardly a radical idea.  In Former Reagan aide: ‘Brownshirt’ Bush among top ‘mass murderers of all time’, Raw Story quotes Paul Craig Roberts: 

“Bush … is responsible, according to Information Clearing House, for over one million deaths of Iraqi civilians, which puts Bush high on the list of mass murderers of all time,” Roberts writes in a column published Friday on antiwar.com. “The vast majority of ‘kills’ by the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan are civilians.”

Note: If you’re not familiar with the Brownshirt reference, see Wikipedia.

I think the standard American response to the facts and statistics would be disbelief.  When was the last time we heard about the numbers of innocent (non-American) people we’ve murdered in Iraq?  Of course, it appears that Bush is just getting warmed up.  Iran is next on the list.  All we need is for God to appear to him in a dream, and it looks like we’ll be committed to more wartime atrocities. 

I used to wonder what people that were living in Nazi Germany thought as shopkeepers, former friends, and acquaintances were sent off to mass-murder camps.  I’ll bet most of them thought and acted the same way as modern day Americans – they just closed their eyes and pretended it wasn’t happening. 


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