God and Job Interviews

I was recently talking with a friend of mine, a church-going follower of Jesus.  She mentioned that she had a job interview the next day and told me a little about it.  I made the observation that she seemed a little nervous, despite the fact that she was well-qualified for position.  Her response, “I’m really not worried about.  I think God will determine what’s right for me.”  Great logic!

So, not wanted to accidentally set foot on the Biblical minefield, I stuck to something slightly safer: “Are you going to prepare for the interview?”  The answer was that, of course, she was going to prepare.  Am I the only one that see the paradox here? 

On one hand, she believes that it’s a foregone conclusion, but on the other hand, she has to prepare for it.  Did God have anything to do with her applying for the job?  Or, did God already figure out that she was supposed to prepare?  And, what choice does she have in the matter (if any)? 

The belief that a supreme being is responsible for the outcome of the interview is ridiculous.  What’s even more ridiculous, though, is thinking that it’s consistent with trying to influence the future yourself.  Personally, I don’t think people really believe in the involvement of their God.  Of course, as I’ve found out the hard way, there’s no point in calling attention to logical inconsistencies.  They seem to be the bedrock upon which religious is based.


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