U.S. Humanitarianism: North Korea

While it is always frustrating for me to think about the amount of money that has been wasted on U.S.-created wars, it’s particularly hard to stomach when the numbers are put into perspective.  Reuter’s U.K. reports, US gives $100,000 to aid North Korea flood victims.  Yes, that’s $100K.  For helping 300,000 flood victims (or an average of 33 cents for each).  Why even bother sending anything?  Certainly, the U.S. has made a political enemy in North Korea, but this isn’t about politics – it’s about being a good citizen of the world.

Now, compare that to the $456 billion we have spent on attacking Iraq.  Those that believe we were trying to help the Iraqi people (if there are actually any of you out there), should think hard about America’s charitable policies.  And, others should remember this, should the U.S. ever need from our “allies” in the future.


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