Scientists on Bush

In an article entitled, Out of the Bushes, The Guardian reports on scientists’ views on Bubba Dubya.  While few thinking people will be shocked by this news, it is good to see recognition of what appears to be a marginalized section of the population – educated people.  Here’s a quote that summarizes the article:

Over the past seven years, Mr Bush has shown a disturbing unwillingness to change his mind or admit to errors of fact or judgment. So we are probably safe in assuming he will not significantly alter course on the leading science policy topics of the day – embryonic stem cell research and global warming.

All of the Bush administration’s science actions, taken together, have led to a depressing morale deficit among scientists employed by the US government, who have repeatedly seen their work trashed, suppressed or ignored.

Time after time, conservatives like Bush seem to make extremely poor decisions.  They’re not just wrong because they made an incorrect guess.  Rather, they tended to make decisions without logic, reason, or rationality.  When the inevitable truth comes out, they skip the honorable move – admitting the mistake and attempting to repair it.  People still claim that global warming is a myth.  It makes me wonder: How much evidence will it take for them to admit that they’re incorrect?  My guess is that they’ll never admit a belief that is contrary to evidence. 

Scientists have good reason to be angry.  Their findings have been suppressed and rewritten.  They have been denied research grants in important areas such as stem cell research.  Findings supporting global warming have been contested using no evidence or logic.  Still, the American people seem to be OK with this.  I wonder: What will it take to prevent something like this from happening again?


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