The Price of Atheism

I doubt anyone would be shocked that non-Christians in the United States can have a pretty hard time in the United States.  I’ve always felt the need to bite my tongue when other people are talking about their religions (in fact, that’s one of the reasons that this blog is anonymous).  I’ve actually attended parties were the main topics of conversation were focused on which churches people go to. 

20/20 did a story on a girl that was clearly harassed for her lack of adherence to a Jesus-driven culture.  In The Price of Atheism, the story of her persecution is documented.  The overly-dramatic music and tear-jerking videos are just sickening, but it’s unavoidable in this type of journalism.

I wish I could say that this type of story was somehow shocking to me.  But, having grown up in the United States it’s quite similar to my experience.  Being in a situation like this one is not a simple matter to ignore, and it’s one that will probably haunt this girl for the rest of her life.  Even if there’s any “justice” in the future, a lot of damage has already been done.


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