One Nation Under Jesus?

It’s pretty clear from popular media and the prevailing culture of the United States that the term “God” pretty much refers to Jesus.  If you’re not Christian and you live in the U.S., you’re clearly part of a small and despised minority.  For the first time ever, a Hindu priest was allowed to give the Senate invocation.  You can see the results here: Christian extremists disrupt Hindu Senate invocation.

Now, I’m opposed to the idea of a religious invocation in the first place, but I really feel sorry for this guy.  To me, this video draws a start contrast between the views of extremist Christians and those of Hindus.  I can’t imagine a Hindu follower spouting such hateful speech against a Christian.  And can you image the amount of press such an event would have received in popular media?  It helps underscore the divisiveness that religions tend to cause.  I, for one, think that such a thing has no place in politics or even in public.


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