Buying Happiness

The whole “money can’t buy happiness” idea does make sense in a lot of ways.  People often find themselves caught in unbridled consumerism.  While purchases can help provide temporary “happiness”, it’s not exactly a sustainable lifestyle.  So, you can’t directly use money to improve happiness.  But what about deciding to have less money in exchange for a better life?  Or, given additional money, what should you spend it on?  MSN Money published an article, “7 Days to Buy Happiness“.  My favorite:

Buy back your time: Spending, or surrendering, money to regain personal time is another popular investment.

The idea of actually reducing your income (in exchange for things that really can improve your life) makes a lot of sense.  Personally, deciding that climbing the corporate ladder wasn’t worth the exchange in quality of life was one of the best (and most lasting) decisions I ever made!


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