Michael Moore vs. CNN

It’s good to see Michael Moore actually getting some coverage on the news.  I would bet that the conservatives’ “Plan A” was to hope for the film to fade away without barely a ripple.  As that hasn’t happened, “Plan B” – spreading misinformation – seems to be a lot uglier.  Michael Moore was interviewed earlier today by Wolf Blitzer.  You can see the video on the Alternet Blog: “Michael Moore Rips Wolf Blitzer…”  I, for one, am glad to see someone stand up to the powers that be in the healthcare industry.

All too often, people will focus on the speaker and not the message.  In this case, I think Moore does a lot right.  He’s obviously angry (and, I think most would agree, justifiably so).  Most importantly, however, he takes the time and effort to argue against facts using reason and logic.  This approach is sorely lacking in America today.  You can find a wealth of information on Michael Moore’s site, as well as a blog entry on Moore’s rebuttal to CNN.  Overall, I would hope that people would focus on finding and understanding facts.  It’s fine if you disagree with Michael Moore, as long as you do it based on logic and reason!


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