Majority of Republicans Doubt Theory of Evolution

It’s sometimes difficult to put certain issues into perspective, especially based on media reports. Often, a very small but vocal minority will get a disproportionately large timeshare on radio and TV. The Gallup News Service recently released numbers from a study entitled, “Majority of Republicans Doubt Theory of Evolution.”

The details are interesting, and there are several strong contradictions in what people seem to believe. Gallup states:

The data indicate some seeming confusion on the part of Americans on this issue. About a quarter of Americans say they believe both in evolution’s explanation that humans evolved over millions of years and in the creationist explanation that humans were created as is about 10,000 years ago.

I think the major issue here is that people just haven’t thought about the topic of evolution. They don’t understand it, so they fear it. I’ll be posting more examples from the media to illustrate that point in the near future.


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