Cell Phones and Airplanes: A Deadly Combination?

First off, forgive me for resorting to a mass media-style headline.  Have you ever wondered why cell phones are not allowed on airplanes?  Most people would dismiss it as a safety issue.  But, that really doesn’t make sense.  If a few cell phones could result in problems with air traffic communications, wouldn’t they be disallowed on airplanes.  After all, we have banned just about everything from cigarette lighters to shampoo as carry-on items.  Clearly cell phones are more dangerous than a bottle of Herbal Essences, right?

A recent article in ComputerWorld, Why Cell Phones are Still Grounded, examines the issue.  The real issue has little to do with electromagnetic interference.  The biggest problem is annoying people who are difficult enough to manage even when they’re not on a phone.  The technical problems can be solved, but there’s still no cure for the annoying cell-phoner.  In my opinion, that’s a much bigger threat to peace than terrorism.  So, I’m happy with the ban for now.  Am I alone on this?

Update: It appears that as of recently, Europeans are allowed to use cell phones on airplanes.  See the punnily-titled article, The Refrain in Spain is Mainly on the Plane.


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