Atheists and Divorce Rates

One of the rallying calls for religious people is that of the importance of family values.  It seems logical, then, that religious partnerships and families should experience fewer problems (or, at least, should deal with them better). has posted a study that compiles research about this topic: “U.S. Divorce rates for various faith groups, age groups, & geographic areas.”

There are numerous theories that can account for the findings, and many are presented in the article.  It has always been annoying to me which I hear people that quote the “50% divorce rate” number.  They tend to think that there’s an even chance of a marriage ending in divorce and have an attitude of “you might as well flip a coin.”  While the statistics may be reliable, it’s clear that there are factors that help determine whether or not a marriage will be successful.  I can only hope that people will focus on researching those characteristics, rather than leaving their most important relationships to a perceived “chance”.


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